April 24, 2012


Nyack NAACP 53rd Annual Dinner


• Keynote speaker: Dr. John Boyd, Jr.
• Speaker: Hon. Dr. Hazel M. Dukes, President, NYS Conf of NAACP Branches


In the late 1980s, John Boyd was a hard working fourth-generation Virginia farmer just trying to stay ahead. When his loan request was turned down again and again by the Dept. of Agriculture and his requests for other forms of state assistance available for farmers were ignored, John turned his deep frustration into action.


In the spring of 1995, with no existing organization to turn to, John decided to start his own—and the National Black Farmers Association was born. After meeting many more of his fellow black farmers, John Boyd realized that he was far from alone in the land of farming discrimination and he marched his NBFA members to Washington. He went on to meet with President Clinton and to testify about the farmer’s plight before Congress.


Suddenly people were willing to take his calls. Suddenly black farmers had a voice. And suddenly, years of racial discrimination against black farmers began to be challenged. It was the beginning of Boyd’s fight for justice and equality for farmers of color that continues today.


This defender of civil rights has served in many appointed and leadership roles including as agricultural advisor for the state of Virginia and candidate for Secretary of Agriculture during the Obama administration. He has been profiled by 60 Minutes, CNN, The Washington Post and Nightline; Ebony Magazine currently ranks him as one of the most influential African-Americans.


Dr. Boyd continues to live in Virginia and work his farm.


The theme of his keynote address will be No Struggles, No Progress.

Nyack Branch NAACP 53rd Annual Dinner Thurs, April 26 at 5:30pm at Pearl River Hilton, Pearl River NY.

Tickets $75.00


Info: Voncile Oliver(845) 268-6626 Maria Whittingham (845) 664-8492.